How to Recover After Bankruptcy


For a long time words like bankruptcy and foreclosure implied the end of a secure financial future but it doesn’t need to be that way. Over the last seven or so years many Americans have fallen into debt due to extreme circumstances of long-term unemployment, student loans, upside down mortgages, short sales, and foreclosures. This has meant making the difficult decision to file bankruptcy and face the task of rebuilding their credit. Perceptions have changed about people making these decisions since it has affected such a large number of Americans during the economic downturn.

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Why You Need to Know About Fraud Alerts

Why you need to know about fraud alert

Data breaches are happening at big name stores where you might like to shop —  Target and Home Depot, to name a few – making it important for you to know about fraud alerts.

What is a fraud alert?

If you suspect or have confirmed your identity has been stolen, you need to place a Fraud Alert on your credit report. This lets creditors and lenders know your credit report may have been compromised. They can also take additional steps to protect you from future theft.

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