10 Best Credit Repair Resources

10 best credit repair resources

As a premier credit repair company, we have a number of great resources available to support your credit repair journey. Therefore, we compiled a list of the 10 best credit repair resources in order to alleviate the stress that comes along with having a poor credit score.

Here are the 10 best credit repair resources:

The Cost of Bad Credit

We created a resource that breaks down your credit score, the percentage rate, payment, and added cost you can expect to pay when you want an auto loan, credit card and a mortgage with bad credit. Also, this resource will show you how your FICO® credit score is weighted. All of this information will allow you to see what your interest rates can be if you increased your credit score.

How to Improve Credit Score in 30 Days

Your credit score matters. Lenders take one look at your score and determine your mortgage or car loan rates, whether to approve your apartment or credit card application – and even whether or not to hire you for employment.

Given the impact of your score and the urgency of your life situation (that perfect house isn’t going to be on the market forever), there is a big incentive to improve your credit score quickly.

How Many Points Will a Collection Affect Your Credit Score?

Every time we view a collection account on our credit report, we cringe from knowing these accounts have a negative effect on a credit score. Those accounts show up each time a collection agency reports debts to credit bureaus. The resulting effect it has on a credit score is usually devastating. However, there are a few ways to avoid collecting accounts from damaging your credit score.

Whose Credit Score is Used on a Joint Mortgage?

You’re happily married and ready to buy your first house, but you and your spouse both have different credit scores. So what does this mean? By now, you’re probably worrying about whose credit score is used on a joint mortgage. Don’t worry, because we have all you need to know about getting one.

How Many Hard Inquiries Will Affect Your Credit Score? 

You might be asking yourself: “How many hard inquiries will affect your credit score?” To delve into the answer, we will take a closer look at what inquiries are, the difference between hard and soft inquiries, and how it might affect your credit score.

How Many Points Does a Credit Score Go Up When a Collection is Removed?

We know that even small oversights can cause huge damage to your report. So, it’s understandable that you’d be concerned. And, without trying to be too ominous, you should be concerned. High credit scores provide access to bank loans, higher mortgages, credit cards, and better interest rate. Some employer even runs credit checks to vet potential employees.

As you can imagine, it’s important to know your credit score. Let’s take a minute to review the basics and find out how many points you credit score rises when a collection is removed.


Annual Credit Report is your only source to obtain free credit reports from each credit reporting companies. With their free reports, you are able to ensure that the information on all your reports is accurate and up to date. Also, reviewing each report will allow you to catch signs of identity theft early as well as any inaccuracies.


If you would like an app to help you budget your money, track your bills, and check your credit score then Mint is right for you. You can personalize the platform to alert you on your day to day spending as well as receive tips and advice for maximizing your money. When you are up-to-date on what your spending month to month you will have a better understanding of how to allocate your money.

Nerd Wallet

With Nerd Wallet you can easily compare a wide variety of options to find the right credit cards, savings account, online broker, mortgage, personal loan, and student loan for you. Their army of knowledgeable nerds has the ability to make the most complicated money questions easy to understand. They can even offer tailored recommendations based on your unique situation. All you have to do is tell them more about you and the rest is history.

National Do Not Call Registry 

The National Do Not Call Registry allows you to choose whether you would like to receive telemarketing calls or not. I’m sure most of you did not know this could be done. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up. All you have to do is add the phone number(s) you do not want telemarketers to call and click through a link from your email. Once this is complete enjoy a life free of unwanted calls.

Better Business Bureau Credit Repair Companies

Better Business Bureau Credit Repair Companies

If you’re struggling with mounting credit card debt you are probably looking for a credit repair company to relieve you of that debt. Finding the right credit repair company can be a daunting task, so we have compiled a list of Better Business Bureau (BBB) credit repair companies to help you make that decision easier. These credit repair companies have been given an A+ rating and they are in various different states. The BBB gives an A+ rating to companies who exhibit outstanding transparency and integrity to their customers.

Here is a list of Better Business Bureau Credit Repair Companies with an A+ rating:

Go Clean Credit

Go Clean Credit is one of the top credit repair companies in Yuma, offering personalized credit correction services since 2003. Because restoring your credit can be a daunting task, Go Clean Credit makes it a hands-on process specified for your needs. You may be dealing with mortgage correction, judgments, bankruptcies, student loans or identity theft. Go Clean Credit provides a trusted source for credit repair companies in Yuma. Their client-centered approach pairs credit restoration with credit education to keep you on the right track. They understand that good people can have bad credit and have helped thousands of people just like you. Most importantly they are not a faceless company that will treat you like a “number”.

Accelerated Credit Solutions

For 10+ years, Accelerated Credit Solutions has fixed issues on your credit report because they know what works and what doesn’t. They never use stall tactics to try to prolong the process because they do not charge monthly fees. They will never bill you until a successful service round is complete so you know exactly what you are paying for. Their services are not only cost-effective, but they are also low maintenance. All you have to do is keep up access to your credit monitoring, and they’ll do the rest. Once they remove negative items on your report, they will send you a detailed analysis, wait for you to check your new report and confirm the results. They will then educate you on how you can avoid these missteps in your future.

Fortress Credit Professionals

When you are interested in using Fortress Credit Professionals for your credit repair needs they’ll conduct a free credit consultation and provide an estimate over the phone. If you don’t have a recent three bureau credit report they can order one for you. They will dispute all of your negative items on your report at once and only charge you for what they were able to remove. You will not pay a monthly fee because they believe that money can be used for more important things. Most of their clients finish within 90 to 180 days and can see improvements throughout the engagement.

Accius Credit Repair

Is your credit score preventing you from being approved for a loan or your next big purchase? Accius Credit Repair can help repair your past and prepare you for a much better financial future. Accius offers a free initial consultation before they offer to help. They want to fully understand your situation so they can piece together a knowledgable action plan for you to succeed. After their evaluation, they will work closely with you to devise a personalized strategy and dispute inaccuracies with all three credit bureaus.

Guardian Credit Repair

Guardian Credit Repair is a national credit repair and restoration company working with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles. Their credit experts communicate with credit bureaus by challenging questionable, inaccurate, outdated, misleading, or unverifiable data on consumer credit reports. They investigate any mistakes which may be lurking in your credit report to have them resolved and repaired, allowing you the financial freedom and advantages a good credit score provides you. In order for you to feel like you learned something while working with their consultants, they will educate you every step of the way.

For more information on the best Better Business Bureau Credit Repair Companies, contact Go Clean Credit to get back on the right track. We have many credit repair programs that are available to help you overcome your credit situation and place you back on the path to financial success. Real credit restoration is not a one size fits all model and we tailor your needs to the right program, but most people can start for just $99 per month.

We have fixed price programs that get you back on track in as little as 5 months, debt resolution solutions, programs geared toward people who have had recent short sales or foreclosures and many others. Help is just a free phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request. Contact Go Clean Credit to schedule a free consultation today.

Does a Government Shutdown Affect Your Credit Score?

Credit Score Government Shutdown

This insight comes from David Chami, a seasoned trial lawyer, and the State Co-Chair for the National Association of Consumer Advocates in Arizona.  His law firm, Price Law Group, is a national consumer advocacy law firm with several offices across the country.

A few weeks back I was asked how the 2018-2019 government shut down could impact consumers’ credit scores.

The question seemed obvious to me:

If federal employees were forced to work for no pay, or ineligible for unemployment (since they were technically still employed) it would only be a matter of time before some of those employees would fall behind on the bills.  With less money on hand, many would have to choose between paying their credit card bills, mortgage payments, keeping the heat on this winter or buying groceries to feed their families.  I could imagine that credit cards would probably fall last in the line of priorities for most of those “employed” but not paid civil servants.

What happens when the bill comes and there is no money to pay it?

I suspect many of the civil servants had no choice but to fall behind on those payments and simply take the hit on their credit. The effects of bad credit can negatively impact quality of life. As a consumer protection attorney, I don’t believe that reporting a federal employee as being delinquent on their bills is accurate under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, when the reason for the late payments is the result of an act completely out of their control. These civil servants didn’t have the ability to look for another job or apply for unemployment. Many were forced to go to work for no pay.

In many jurisdictions across this country, courts have found that something on your credit report may be “technically” accurate but still be “materially misleading”.  That’s exactly what I believe is true for those federal workers who had actually missed a payment on their bills due to the government shutdown.  And with another possible shutdown looming we are not yet out of the woods.

How can you fix credit reporting errors?

The Price Law Group specializes in helping consumers deal with credit reporting errors.  We offer guidance to consumers as to the accuracy of the information reporting and assist consumers by helping them to understand the dispute process.  If the credit reporting agencies refuse to correct inaccurate information which was properly disputed, we will oftentimes file a lawsuit to make them do what’s right under the law.

Fortunately for our clients, we are able to recover our fees from the companies reporting the inaccurate information as well as the credit reporting agencies who refused to correct the error.  We don’t ask our clients to pay anything out of pocket when we believe that the consumer has been victimized.  There are attorneys all over this country that belong to the National Association of Consumer Advocates helping consumers get justice and our lawyers are proud to be part of that team.