How a Debt Collection Agency Will Respond To A Dispute

debt collection agency

If you’re disputing a credit report with a debt collection agency, chances are that you’ll experience some form of non-compliance from them during the credit repair dispute process.

You do you have consumer credit rights that can be asserted when disputing a credit report. That’s the good news. The bad news is that disputing credit with a debt collection agency isn’t an easy road. Persistence is critical. The only way you can hold them accountable is by building documented proof of their non-compliance.

Below are the types of responses you’ll receive from a debt collection agency when disputing credit report results:

1. No response. (in 30 days) This is a good thing. The same process as with the creditors applies, where it’s likely they don’t have any proof of your derogatory item or they just didn’t bother with responding. The next step is to send a follow up letter giving them 15 days to respond.

2. Insufficient Response. Most often it is in the form of a ‘collection letter’ such as they may have sent you in the past; it just states what you owe and tells you to call them. Do not call them. Rarely do collection agencies have proof since the paper doesn’t usually transfer when debts are sold. Also the laws are more strict for collection agencies. They must provide a debt validation letter so keep a log of any calls you get from them. CALL GO CLEAN CREDIT OR A CREDIT SPECIALIST BEFORE EVER PAYING A COLLECTION so we can advise you! Do not believe anything a collection agency tells you.

3. Deleted or Repaired. Very rarely collection agencies will send a letter stating they agree to delete; usually they send their deletion request to the bureaus and the bureaus notify you.

4. Returned to Sender. If your letter is returned back to you, KEEP A COPY of the envelope. Your initial letter was mailed to the address provided by the credit bureau. If it is returned to sender, the address is obviously inaccurate, which means it should be deleted.

5. Debt Validation. It almost never happens that they provide the actual proof you request. At that point it is unlikely the account will be deleted and the options are to settle or wait until the 7 year credit report expiry date. CALL GO CLEAN CREDIT BEFORE SETTLING so we can advise you!

If you’re looking for professional credit restoration assistance, please contact Go Clean Credit. We offer a variety of credit repair programs that can assist with the removal of information negatively impacting your credit score.

5 thoughts on “How a Debt Collection Agency Will Respond To A Dispute

  1. I disputed a collection with ERC and they in turn deleted the collection off report. BUt I also received a letter from them stating, my account is on hold for 30 days and I need to respond to them validating this debt. My question is, do I respond to them or just let it go

  2. I sent a Debt Validation letter via certified mail and its status is “Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)” It has been in this status for a week now. If its does not get picked up by the collection agency and is returned should I send another request? What if that one is ignored and returned? I want to pay my debts but I also want to make sure they are valid and I am paying the correct person. Thank you.

  3. It’s good to know what to expect when disputing a credit report. This happened to my parents when I was younger, but they didn’t know what to do. Hopefully, if I ever need to dispute one, I will get it deleted or repaired!

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