Results my vary.


“Previous to working with Go Clean Credit on my three house short sales from the housing crash era, I went through two other companies that made promised and wrote letters – but nothing happened. Your company and efforts were the only ones that made progress. Thank you!”

-Michael B., Phoenix, AZ

“My FICO score has risen all the way to 650 from 519 when I first signed up for your service. My wife’s FICO score is nearly 770 and between the two of us we’ve been able to secure a 30 yr fixed mortgage at a great rate. I am 100% satisfied with what you were able to accomplish here. It was WELL worth it in my opinion. Go Clean Credit service helped me get an almost 4-point lower interest rate –  the difference of about $350/month or $125,000 over the life of the loan! That’s awesome!”

-David J., Columbus, OH

“You really saved my life! In less than 4 months, you helped me get back on my feet. I applied for my mortgage again and, to my surprise, I was able to get the financing I wanted.”

-Todd T., Paradise Valley, AZ

“In real estate timing is everything. With contractual deadlines and anxious buyers, sellers, agent’s etc. time is what matters the most. In the 11th hour of a buyer’s home purchase we had a somewhat of a snowball affect with various credit problems that popped up and very little time to fix it, stay compliant and close on time. To make matters more difficult we were going into the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. With short staff and very few working days everyone was ready to throw in the towel including the buyers who wanted this home so badly.

I called Jeff on a last gleam of hope that there was something he could do. It was a Friday before the following Monday which was Christmas Eve. The next 72 hours were some of the most inspirational of my career. Jeff and Go Clean Credit lined up all the necessary people to help us solve the issue and outlined exactly the steps we needed to take and how we would need to approach tackling these credit issues.

Just when I thought things were going to be okay we encountered another issue unrelated to the work Jeff and his team were doing to help my clients. Even with this new issue and the little time we had they were able to embrace the problems involve the right people and to fix my clients credit problem. We closed and my clients got the keys to their new home right in time for the New Year.

In my experience with credit repair services it is very infrequent you find one that helps with quick deadlines and it is even more rare you find one that will pull together the right people to handle the tough situations credit problems often impose. In this fast paced and fussy credit market it is absolutely crucial a credit repair service operates at the highest standards of the industry and is prepared to tackle any problem. Jeff Dragovich and Go Clean Credit do exactly this.

Thank you again Jeff and Go clean Credit for everything!”

-Chase McLane, Mesa, AZ

“I recommend GoCleanCredit and staff to any and everyone battling debt and bad credit. Not only did my credit score raise 120 points in less than 6 months but it was so much better than filing for bankruptcy, more affordable and less damaging to my credit than bankruptcy would have been. With minimal down and monthly payments the financing process was a breeze. Dawn and Susan are absolutely compassionate to your needs and very educated on dealing with slime-ball collection agencies. I had several that should not have tried to collect from me because the loans were too old and Dawn and her staff will save you from those crooked agencies and definitely get you on the right track! No more sleepless nights for me answering endless creditor phone calls! Thank you Go Clean Credit for giving me my life back!!!! I am no longer embarrassed because I now have better credit!!!

-Danyel S., Mesa, AZ

“You did a superb job in the months that I was working with you. Your customer service was top of the line and your organization really went above and beyond expectations. I owe you the world!”

-Tommy O., Southside Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to say “THANKS” for the progress you have made. I will continue to get my credit reports to you when I receive them and to contact you back if someone from your company tries to contact me. Keep up the good work!”

-Fairbanks E., Waxahachie, TX

“I wanted to show my appreciation to your company. I came in with a fresh bankruptcy that was really hurting my life. My credit score actually went up after just two months of signing up with your service. Your help and support really helped me get in the right direction. Thank you Go Clean Credit!”

-James V., Southampton, NY

“I was delighted when I spoke to one of your consultants and had an informative over-the-phone consultation that explained my credit profile. After I signed up, whenever I called I was able to talk to somebody that day or the next. It was great. Thank you Go Clean Credit for the great customer service.

-Latisha J., Hoboken, NJ

“You took my score from 596 to 702. Your service was worth every penny. Thanks!”

-Brant M., Charleston, SC

“I just wanted to let you know what a good and quick job I think you are doing. I have been checking my credit on a regular basis and have watched it jump over 150 points in 3 months! Thank you for your help.”

-Shay J., Washington, DC

“Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks again. I Just bought another home through a mortgage broker that I used previously and he commented on how improved my credit was. So, thanks again.”

-Brandon C., Buckeye, AZ

“Thanks so much! I would like to give Go Clean Credit’s name and number to our bankruptcy attorney! I told her about what we were doing and she asked me to let her know if you were good or bad and I can most certainly can say you were WONDERFUL!”

-Vicki P., Jefferson City, MO

“I wanted to let you know your service was quite helpful to me. I was able to do a refinance on my mortgage a few months ago with very good terms. My score has gone from 687 to 743. Thanks for your help!”

-Susan G., Durham, NC

“You guys did a great job, and because of that I was able to buy a house. I will recommend you guys to anyone that needs your service.”

-Andy L., Spokane, WA

“My deepest thanks to all of you.  I’m so excited about the results!  Excellent work and customer service.  I am recommending you and the company to everyone I know.  Wishing you continued success.”

-Annette A., AZ